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It was Friday 16th of February 2018 and time to gather together to the Nomad Cellars because Rikhard (in his mind) had found again some superb Riesling producer from Germany. This time from Rheingau, not from Mosel .Below you can find some details of Peter Querbach originally searched by Rikhard.

  1. All wines have been produced in stainless steel which is a bit difficult to believe.
  2. Wines taste as a dry but not necessarily are according to the regulations. This was a one reason why Querbach left from VDP in year 2014.
  3. Peter Querbach has invented and patented StainlessCap which he uses for his wines. Old wines has been re-corked.
  4. Wines have very good cellaring potential. Over 10 years for some good vintages of Gutsweins   and decades for single vineyard wines.
  5. All four vineyards (Winkeler Hasensprung, Hallgartener Schönhell, Oestricher Lenchen and Oestricher Doosberg) are Erste Gewächs/VDP.Grosse.Lage -qualities. Querbach´s own philosophy, Doosberg is ”grand cru” and Lenchen ”premier cru” wine.
  6. Prices of the wines are one of third or even half less than wines from same quality producers in Rheingau.

Before tasting information, I want to say that again superb producer has been found.

Tasting set and flights:

SEKT  =German sparkling wine.

2010 Blanc de Pinot Noir Sekt Brut (re-corked 2017) 14,75€

  • Flowery on the nose. On the palate, crispy flavours from red currant and gooseberry. Metallic and sour finish which make it even unpleasant.

GUTSWEIN so called estate wine which is on bottom level of  VDP 

2011 Riesling “Classic” 6,90€

  • Kerosine and sulphur on the nose. Sour metallic (like zinc). Fruits missing totally.

2010 Riesling “Classic” 8,70€

  • Same kind of trend continues. Drier than 2011. Maybe, maybe some fruits can be founded.

2008 Riesling “Classic” 8,70€

  • Now the fruits are there and the worst zincness has disappeared.

2010 Riesling “Edition” 9,90€

  • “classic” like but clearly more powerful.

2002 Riesling “Edition” 9,90€

  • A bit mute. Strong detergent aroma. I heard this wine was opened up after 1 hour in the glass. My glass was empty long time before that.

ORTSWEIN = “Village wine” on second step on  VDP system.

2010 Riesling Hallgarten 11,75€

  •  Same style continued but slightly more powerful and more precise. More fruits than in 2010 classic or edition.

2004 Riesling Hallgarten 11,75€

  •  Now the fruits start to be there! Even exotic ones. Very dry on palate, also petrolic.

2001 Riesling Hallgarten 11,75€

  • Honey marinated lemon involved. Smoother and rounder than previous wines. Long finish. Excellent!

LAGENWEIN, Single vineyard wines. Grosse Lage quality so top of the VDP pyramid.

2012 Riesling Oestricher Lenchen ”Q1” 14,40€

  • A little bit sulphur on the nose. Mineral and citric in good balance. To the shopping list!
2010 Riesling Oestricher Lenchen “Q1” 14,40€
  • Same elements than in 2012 but more powerful and clearly too young.
2009 Riesling Oestricher Lenchen “Q1” 14,40€
  • Balance is great but a little bit mild for my taste. This was more elegant.

2004 Riesling Oestricher Lenchen “No.1” 14,40€

  • Flavors are very rich and clean. Wanted fruits can be observed and acids are in good level. This was my personal favorite.
2010 Riesling Oestricher Doosberg “Milestone” 20,70€
  • This is the flagship wine from best vineyard. Very powerful and acidic. Very citric. Still young but when exotic fruits will come after cellaring then it will be OMG!


2002 Pinot Noir 6,90€

  • Peter Querbach also makes reds. In this wine you can find a bit of manure and even licorice. Somehow confusing mixture of berries. Hard to belive that only steel was used making of this wine.


Ridiculously cheap selling price for this quality. Peter Querbach belongs to the top 5 producers in Rheingau. Prices remains at low level regardless of vintage. For example sweet spätlese, auslese and beerenauslese wines from 1971 are still at very reasonable price level. 1971 vintage was one of all time the best vintages in Rheingau Germany.

Mandatory shopping for everybody!

Markus Laukkanen 2.3.2018




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