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Radim Mušálek wanted to present some wines from Czech Republic at Nomad Cellars, this was obvious since he is from Czech Republic also. Seemed very nice guy and just joined as a member of Nomad Cellars and warm welcomes were given. Afterwards he has attended many meetings at Nomad Cellars and brought more knowledge of Czech wines to Finland.

Short info package of varieties in Czech Republic before I go into the wines in this tasting.

96% of all wines are produced in Moravia and best of them are mainly made from white grapes. Below you can see most common varieties and percentage of total vineyards.


  • Müller-Thurgau 11.2%
  • Grüner Veltliner 11%
  • Welchriesling 8.5%
  • Riesling 7%
  • Sauvignon blanc 5%
  • Moravian Muscat 1.8%
  • Pálava 0.6%


  • Saint Laurent 9%
  • Blaufränkisch 5.6%
  • Zweigelt 4.7%
  • Pinot Noir 4%
  • Blauer Portugiesser 1.3%
  • Moravina Cabernet 0.8%

Wines in tasting:

  1. Stŕibrnỳ Sonbrek 2016 Muscat
    • Super flowery and perfume on the nose. Wine grapes, green fruits and lot of lime juice.
  2. Stŕibrnỳ Sonbrek 2015 Pálava
    • Riesling-like, a little bit diesel oil can be found. Fruity but modesty. Mineral.
  3. Stŕibrnỳ Sonbrek 2015 Riesling (14% alcohol!)
    • Aromatic, lot of fennel on the nose. Oily and medium to full body. Reminds Pinot Gris wines from Alsace but dry. Paired well with “yellow cheese”.
  4. Gala Sauvignon
    • Lot of pear and apple. This was an boombastic wine, this wine got 98 point in Decanters wine awards in 2017.
  5. Gala Hermes (100% Welchriesling)
    • Very fruity and full body, still very acidic. Aroma world from Riesling.

This was a first notch from Czech wines. Very positive feeling afterwards. Need to discover red wines as well in near future.

Note! Tasting was held on 21st of August 2017 so this blog has been written mainly based on my notebook but everything came back to my mind as yesterday when writing.


Markus Laukkanen

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