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Still having a fading memory left after Languedoc and Roussillonin tasting so it was good to have next one for dark and wet autumn. What would be better to have as warming and full bodied port wines. Otto is eager to arrange tastings which is of course very good thing since he has gained massive wine knowledge. “Otto provides taste of port wines” was the theme of this dark evening on 11 of November 2017.

Let´s list the wines with some personal notes.


  1. Fonseca crusted port 2006
    • Alcohol was strong with some salty liquorice and berries on the nose. Alcohol is a bit too strong on the palate. Long berry tasting finish.
  2. Quinta do Noval unfiltered late bottled vintage (LBV) 2005
    • Anise was notable in mixture aroma of berries on the nose. Tannins were well soften in this LBV which usually to be drank as young, except unfiltered though. Unfiltered versions have good cellaring potential.


  1. Quinta do portal vintage 2005
    • Strong alcohol, dark berries and a bit of raisins and date on the nose. Full bodied and strong. Black berries,raspberries can be found. A little bit too strong tannins. Worked well with chocolate.
  2. Graham vintage port 2003
    • Harmonic with salty and not salty liquorice. A lot of dark berries on the palate. Flavors were changed a lot in this wine, it kind was alive in the mouth.


  1. Smith Woodhouse Madalena vintage 1996
    • Somewhat stuffy and mute. Started to open up at end of the tasting. Hint of raisins.
  2. Burmester vintage 1991
    • Raisins, dates and strong splash of alcohol on the nose. Raisins and dates followed on the palate and also a hint of nuts. Berries were left out to the background.
  3. Quinta de la rosa vintage port 1991
    • A pitch black liquorice, berries and bandage, earth and a bit of barnyard on the nose. Soft, very balanced on the palate. Tannins were also soft and alcohol stays on the background. Very long finish where you can feel a bit smoke.
  4. Real Companhia Velha vintage port 1985
    • This light brown colored with raisins, smell of conifer and lightly chocolate wine was oxidized.
  5. Borges vintage port 1980
    • Cloudberry jam and date cake on the nose. Finish was insanely long with full of date and almonds.
  6. Krohn vintage port 1967
    • Super strong big bang in a mouth which left extremely long finish with traces of milk chocolate, caramel, fruit marmalade, date and ginger biscuit paste.

Despite of the self-caused a bit negative after steam, this tasting was again awesome and it is again nice to continue wine hobby and head towards the new experiences.

-Markus Laukkanen


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