I got a tip from a Finnish travel agency owner Jukka Pekkala that in Mittelwihr, Alsace there is a very good winery which is looking for an importer to Finland. Valerie Zirgel gave a few samples for tasting and I was sold. I had a chance right after to visit Alsace and of course visiting at Baumann-Zirgel was in the must-to-do list. It became clear very quickly that Baumann-Zirgel shares the same wine philosophy with me and there was a connection from the beginning.

Valerie & Benjamin Zirgel

The winery has been organic winery since 2016 and process to become a biodynamic is ongoing. Wines are high quality wines with all Alsatian grapes. Especially I love Crémants of this winery. Blanc de Blancs for example kicks the same price range champagnes’ ass pretty hard.

And then some history: Baumann-Zirgel is a family winery which was established after the 2nd World War, and is today in the 3rd generation.
The winery has been taken over by the daughter Nicole with her husband Jean-Jacques in 1975. They created the label Baumann-Zirgel and started to sell the wines at wine fairs in France.


In 2001 their son Benjamin and his wife Valérie joined the family farm to bring new life into it and took the leap from sustainable farming to organic farming.

From left: Benjamin & Valerie and on the right Benjamin´s parents Nicole and Jean Jacques

Baumann-Zirgel has 11ha of 7 Alsatian wine sorts, and have 28 different varieties of wines.
The parcels are principal in Mittelwihr so on limestone soils, but they also have vineyards in Kintzeheim, Kaysersberg, Zellenberg and Riquewihr.

Mittelwihr, Alsace

The leader wines in they winery are the “lieu dits” if you ask from them. “We are quite popular for them, for the simple reason that we only had one grand cru during the first generation”, said Valerie.
Benjamin and Valerie had the chance to get 3 new grand crus: The Mandelberg they have since the beginning of the winery, and they added the Schlossberg, Schoenenbourg Mandelberg and Sporen.
Each one has a different type of soil and it is a real pleasure and challenge to make the wines there, said Valerie Zirgel.

8.6.2019 Markus Laukkanen