4.10.2016 Tom Willis from Thirsty Bear arranged again tasting at Nomad Cellars and this time there was a General Manager Steve Dundon from Chalk Hill McLaren Vale presenting Alpha Crucis Winemakers´series Shiraz 2013. Six winemakers got free hands to make wines with their own style from the same single vineyard. This has resulted to six wholly different wines. Steve came directly from the airport after missed a plain in Paris previous evening. Besides of sweating and jetlack, Steve managed to present wines very well and also told a lot of stories about Australian wine industry, kangaroos who don’t mind a bird net or loud music while enjoying the grapes. Obviously there were again discussions and advertising for advantages of screw caps.


Now to the main topic, tasting of the wines.

Winemakers´series 2013 Shiraz

1. Steve Grimley:  Matured in French oak barriques, 30% of which was new, the remainder 2nd and 3rd use oak. There is chocolate and boysenberry. High tannins and warm long, menthol like finish.

2. Rebecca Willson: 70% French oak, 30% American. Total new oak used was 15%. 60% of blend went into Puncheons. This is more feminine and elegant wine than previous one. Less dark fruits , more eucalyptus and lighter body, also shorter finish.

3. Tom Harvey: New French oak puncheons for malolactic fermentation and maturation. This wine goes back to #1 wine style but more powerful, exploding powerful actually. More dark and red fruits with strong acidity. Very tannic and red berries in long finish. This is a proper Aussie Shiraz.

4. Peter Schell (Hired from Barossa Valley): 30% fruit was whole bunch fermented, remainder of bunches were destemmed. 30% new French oak used the remainder 2nd and 3rd use.  This wine is totally different in style. Very aromatic, there is tobacco, leather and spices. You can feel a bit high sweetness on palate and high tannins as well.


5. Corrina Wright: Fermentation in French oak hogshead barrels. Post fermentation the wine was racked off gross lees before returning to barrel for further ageing. Soft and round wine with dark berry jam. Lowest tannin wine of these six different wines. Lot of sediment in the bottle which I could not observe in any other wines.

6. Mike Brown: French oak barrique barrels, one-third new, two-thirds one year old. Maloactic fermentation occurred in barrels three weeks after pressing off.  Back to fruity full body wines in style of #1 and #3. Chocolate and high acidity causing mouthwatering.

After these six wines we had an opportunity to taste a flag ship 2014 Shiraz of bottle #0415. A bit too young but the best balance of these seven tasted wines.

You can order Alpha Crucis winemakers´series sixpack to Finland from Alko´s special order system for about 310€.

Thank you Tom Murray again for arranging this one and thank you Steve Dundon.

– Markus Laukkanen,  12.10.2016