WBlog: T4- b-M

27.9.2016 Tom Willis from Thirsty Bear arranged Semillon tasting at  Nomad Cellars. General Manager James Agnew from Audrey Wilkimson was there to tell about wines and Semillon in Hunter Valley in general, as it is unique place for Semillon and nobody knows 100% sure why is that. Semillon from Hunter Valley aging very well in a bottle  without oak or skin contact in fermentation.

James was a fanatic speaker for screw corks, well he is an Aussie. 🙂


Wines to taste

We got the following wines for tasting, in this order:

  1. The Ridge 2015: Clear color, mineral drink for hot summer days.
  2. The Ridge Reserve 2009: Fantastic wine from hot vintage, butter like, rounded, fruity and waxy. Lisa-Perrotti Brown from Robert Parker Wine Advocate scored 93 pts.
  3. Museum Reserve 2006: Ten years old and in good shape. This was also the hot vintage, additional of wax, butter and fruits there were also exotic fruits, mainly pineapple.
  4. Museum Reserve 2005: Over ten years old and also in good shape. 2005 was a cool vintage and therefore lighter bodied, more mineral and elegance.
  5. Pooles Rock Single Vineyard 2011:   Reminded me of  museum 2006 even much younger. It could be also that after four glass, evaluating skills was not so accurate anymore, I don´t spit the wine, that´s for sure.

Museum Reserve wines 2006 and 2005 are about 100 AUD in cellar door which means about 70€. You can not find these vintages very easily elsewhere anymore. The fact is that if these wines would be in Alko at the moment the price should be around 100€ or more which would make these wines the most poor value wines I have ever tasted.

-Markus Laukkanen  29.9.2016