Espoo Wine Friends, EVY  arranged a Portugal tasting at Matinkylä, Espoo on 29th of November 2016.  The event was kicked off by Kaj Rönnberg´s wine trip presentation from Douro Portugal. Seemed so that there were also other members from EVY in that same wine trip.

wp-1481369458223.jpgDuring Kaj Rönnberg´s holiday photo show, Quinta Do Poço Do Lobo sparkling wine were opened for tasting. This sparkling did not have any added sugar. For me this positive wine made from Arinto and Chardonnay was a much better than upcoming four white wines which were selected to the actual tasting. Price for this with crispy gooseberries, ripe fruits but also mineral wine in Alko is 17€.

First tasting set included four different white wines from Portugal were poured to the glasses during a short break. Tasting was as half blind tasting which meant that we did know the wines but not the order in the glasses. We had three points to vote for white wines.





  1. Herdade do Esporâo Verdelho-Alentejo 2015:
    • Raw gooseberries, slightly stingy sulfur on the nose. short finish. Total points from tasters 8. Alko 12,90€
  2. Morgadio da Torre Alvarinho Vinho Verde 2015:
    • Nicely fruity, citric, crispy and note of green grass.  Total points 25. Alko 14,90€
  3. Sarvet Branco – Douro 2014:
    • Slightly rotten egg on the nose. No flavors, this bottle was ruined. Total points 2. Alko 13,50€
  4. Ribeira Santo Encruzado– Dâo 2015:
    • Tropical fruits, anise or fennel on the nose, Lemon and note of anise on the palate. Long finish. Total points 7. (I gave my points for this wine.) Alko 12,90€

None of these white wines did not convince. Luckily we moved to the actual topic….


  1. wp-1481369438759.jpgLAB Reserva Touriga Nacional-Cabernet Sauvignon -Syrah- Lisboa 2014:
    • This was too young. Black currants and floral. Short finish. Total points 4. Alko 11€
  2. Cigarra Gran Passo Touriga Nacional-Cabernet Sauvignon-Lisboa 2013:
    • Blueberries, red and black currants, tannic.  Basic red for basic dish. Quite long finish. Total points 23. Alko 12,90€
  3. Quinta do Sorbal Santar Reserva-Dâo 2014:
    • Spices and blackberries. This was also too young. Not opening completely. Total points 3. Alko 13€
  4. Quinta dos Murças Reserva– Douro 2010:
    • Sweet blackberries, slightly plum and raisins. Long finish. I had a lot of sediment in my glass and tannin’s were soften well. Total points  13 (I gave all my points for this wine.)

wp-1481369489682.jpgAll other red wines beside Quinta dos Murças were a little bit disappointment. After red wine tasting there was a bonus: Ferreira 10 year old white port wine where was cloud berries on the nose and a lot of apricot and orange. Alcohol can be sensed strongly in the finish. Great value wine for hard mature cheeses with apricot or orange jam. Alko 17,90€ (0.375l).

In my opinion, first and last bonus wines won this time in this tasting event to all other “main” tasting wines..

Thank you EVY ry!

– Markus Laukkanen  15.12.2016