30.11.2016 was a date for tasting of a brand new champagne label La Comtesse A. Event was arranged at Nomad Cellars.  There were a lot of thirsty champagne friends, at least much more participants than usually in red wine tastings. Most of the people were via Champagne Ry. Presentation with video clip was held by founder and CEO of La Comtesse A, Anaïs Leconte.


Anaïs Leconte, Picture: Instagram

She inherited mainly Pinot Meunier based vineyards from her grandfather who is still alive and well. She told that in Champagne there are lot of small producers who have brilliant wines but no marketing and they do not speak English. In the other hand there are mass producers with massive marketing departments. La Comtesse A wants to be in the middle of these two types. Their production at the moment is around 30.000 bottles annually.


For tasting there were rose and blanc available:

  1. Mademoiselle Camelia, Over  80% Pinot Meunier based blanc champagne had power and fruitiness. Slightly roasted and plenty of acidity resulted to a long finish. Price in France is 28€.
  2. Madame Ladybird rose, Pinot Meunier 56%, Pinot Noir 31% and Chardonnay 13% blend offered crisp raspberry, strawberry and red currant. Price in France is 34€

WCF (WineConnection Finland) voted Mademoiselle Camilian to win this battle. Waiting ordering forms to so I can order couple of Mademoiselles to put locked in a cabinet 🙂

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8.12.2016 Markus Laukkanen