Australia trip in Christmas 2012. We flew from Sydney to Adelaide mainly because of planned visit in Barossa Valley. Adelaide was like a city in Texas where are lot of space and wide roads. Me and my wife went to an Argentinian steak house for dinner. They had an open kitchen so you could see the chef roasting the steaks. Feeling dropped a bit when a chef was purchasing some pills from strangely behaving guy during his shift. What a dork! Why didn´t he wait until restaurant is closed.

Next morning it was time to rent a tiny car and head to Barossa Valley. Distance was about 65km from Adelaide. We had only one planned visit and that was Two Hands winery.


Two Hands

Two Hands’ Bella´s Garden Shiraz has been listed to top ten in a top 100 wines list by Wine Spectator seven years in a row. Vintage 2010 which was in tasting list was listed to number 3 in that list. Spectacular wine was also more intense 2009 Lily´s Garden from McLaren Vale.


There were 12 wines in the tasting list, including their flag ship series wines. Tasting was free of charge, (as in every winery in Barossa Valley) spectacular, memorable on the nice patio with nice view and with good service. We purchased Bella´s Garden´obviously, Gnarly Dudes from picture series and finally special vintage 2008 of Brilliant Disguise Moscato. It was time of humble thank you and hit the road and staying focused with the left side driving.

At least in Finland familiar producer named Hewitson was located very close to the Two Hands Winery  but they were on Christmas holidays and closed. We visited outside of the place just for curiosity.


We had no plans further, just driving around and stop for tasting in random places. We stopped at winery name Charles Melton which is quite famous in Barossa Valley. We tasted all their available wines. This was a bit disappointment after Two Hands wines. I remember that rose was tasty and we purchased a bottle.


Next door winery was a bit more familiar by a name: Rockford. Very interesting cellar door and winery itself. Very old wine making equipment lying on the yard and building made of very old and very red bricks. They had a very good Shiraz and tawny made from Shiraz.


Next were “mandatory” visits at mass producers. First at Penfolds, they produce some very good and reliable wines. Cellar door was packed of people. They sell also T-shirts and caps. I can not remember what number BIN wines we tasted as the place was too grounded and there was no peace for tasting.


Another mass producer  Jacob´s Creek, which wines you can find anywhere in the world, was our next place to visit. In s huge visitor building were museum and souvenir shop. Tasting desk was in a big hall. Only souvenir what we bought was older Moscatel which you can not buy anywhere else.


Day started to be completed since cellar doors were closing very soon. We decided to go to grab some food before driving back to the Adelaide. We still stopped spontaneously to one more winery. Lambert estate was the name and what wines they had! Yam! Welcome was also warm. They had good Zinfandel Pas well as Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. We still have 2008 Silent Partner Individual Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon in a wine cabinet waiting year 2023 when the wine will hit to the sweet spot according to producer.


This was a wonderful wine day and it was the spark to set my wine interest into flames!


-Markus Laukkanen