wBlog: VM4-b-M

The same interrail trip 2009 when we were visiting Tuscany. We jumped into a train from Apris to Epernay, “capital of Champagne”. After walking from train station a while we found a tourist information office where was free champagne tasting. Moët & Chandon was just across a street.


We purchased Moët & Chandon Gran Vintage package including tasting rose and brut vintage 2002 with cellar tour.  Memorable thing was a big barrel for Napoleon which needed to be full of cognac when this little man was visiting at the winery.


After tasting we staid behind of the rest of the group and there were all kind of temptations in the cellar such as lot of full magnums of Dom Perignon.


After mandatory pasta carbonara (for one our interrailer) we purchased a bottle of champagne from winebar nearby for our train trip back to Paris. We drank that bottle directly without glasses.

-Markus Laukkanen, 13.10.2016