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Having chocolate fondants with raspberry and white chocolate ice cream as a dessert. I selected David Sterza’s Recioto della Valpolicella red dessert wine. The bottle was a souvenir from David Sterza winery visit. This wine should be a good match with chocolate fondant but the raspberry in the ice cream was a little concern, it did not pair perfectly with raspberry ice cream but with chocolate fondant the wine worked like a dream. I remember that the wine was like a liquid blueberry pie and I did remember that part right.

wp-1478984144960.jpgStrong liquid blueberry pie and dark chocolate on the palate. These flavors are so strong that´s all about how I describe this wine. Residual sugar is about 100g/l .

Rest of the bottle was finished with good music. This wine make your socks go up and down.

17.11.2016 –Markus Laukkanen





Wine information

Purchased / price / size: Producer / –  / 0.5l

Grape Variety:  Corvina, Rondinella,Molinara

Professional review: –

Anticipated maturity: 2016 – 2021