Roland Velich: Traditional vinification in Burgenland, Terroir driven, uncompromising quality and ability to give Blaufränkisch the opportunity to show it´s terroir as the best possible way. These are few statements which crossed my mind when thinking about this gentleman.

In year 2001, Roland Velich started plans to show the Burgenland´s Goût de Terroir (soil and climate) with old vines of Blaufränkisch. What makes the best vineyards and cru’s so unique in Burgundy France? Clear answer would be that Pinot Noir transfer all parfymes, aromas and characters from the soil and climate directly to the bouquet (nose and palate) of wine. Why couldn’t this be done with Blaufränckisch in Burgenland Austria? Yes it can be done and Roland has proved it with his wines.

Roland Velich











Luzmannsburg and Neckermarkt are wines from same named single vineyards of old vine Blaufränkich. Vineyards are located 10km from each other but both have their own character. Soil in Luzmannsburg produce same type of tannins than Nebbiolo variety from Piedmont Italy. Soil with gneiss, clay, limestone and slate in Neckermarkt produce even North-Rhône like spices especially when wine has aged in the bottle. Moric wines made with short maceration and low amount of new oak to give a good balance of minerality and fruitiness to the wines. Target is that wine gives an aromatic explosion on the palate followed by very long finish where you can sense all that Blaufräckisch and Burgenland can offer. I can guarantee this is exactly what will happen when you enjoy wine from Weingut Moric.

Old vines of Blaufräckish in Neckertmarkt

Rest of the variety which Moric produces are Grüner Veltliner (which is Austria’s most grown grape variety) and small amount of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Zweigelt.

Before making Grüner Veltliner, Roland thought that could he make something else than green mainstream flavored wines. Moric’s top quality Grüner Veltliner wines come from single vineyards of Sankt Georgen and Müllendorf. These wines have been fermented in oak vat’s instead of steel to give them body and character.

One particular statement I remember very well when I met Roland Velich in his home at Großhöfleiner: “There is no point and I don’t even want to sell wines to people who don’t understand or appreciate good wines.”

-Markus Laukkanen / WineConnection Finland