wBlog: VM3-b-M

It was interrail trip in 2009. We visited at Antinori´s Bottega di Passignano to where we traveled by bus from Florence. First stop was nearby village and for the rest of the journey we needed to take a taxi. The package we had reserved earlier included  tour at vineyards and at cellar. After the tour we had a tasting of a six wines and of those wines, memorable were Chianti Classico and Tignanello vintage 2005.


Key memories from this visit were how Italian employee from Antinori was totally pissed off to Americans who asked all the time about white wine and told how good white wines they make in California. Also when a Swedish family didn´t allow 15-year-old daughters taste wines because they were under aged. Addressing to this topic, Italian guide told that his son age of 6 has already trained to some wine tasting technics. Last memorable thing was when one of our interrailer went to have a smoke in the middle of the tasting.

Markus Laukkanen, 13.10.2016