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Vintage port wines

Markus/ September 1, 2018/ Maistelut/ 0 comments

Wblog-T17-b-M Still having a fading memory left after Languedoc and Roussillonin tasting so it was good to have next one for dark and wet autumn. What would be better to have as warming and full bodied port wines. Otto is eager to arrange tastings which is of course very good thing since he has gained massive wine knowledge. “Otto provides

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Languedoc & Roussillon

Markus/ June 3, 2018/ Maistelut/ 0 comments

Wblog T16-b-M Dark fall evening in 21.10.2017. It was good timing to taste full body and warm wines from Languedoc ja Roussilon. These wine regions in France are just perfect for this type of tasting. Red wines from this region contains Grenache noir which is my one of favourites at the moment. This tasting was arranged by Sami Sahramies. Humble

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Wines from Czech

Markus/ June 1, 2018/ Maistelut/ 0 comments

Wblog-T15-b-M Radim Mušálek wanted to present some wines from Czech Republic at Nomad Cellars, this was obvious since he is from Czech Republic also. Seemed very nice guy and just joined as a member of Nomad Cellars and warm welcomes were given. Afterwards he has attended many meetings at Nomad Cellars and brought more knowledge of Czech wines to Finland.

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Querbach! What a value producer!

Markus/ March 3, 2018/ Maistelut/ 0 comments

wBlog-T14-b-M It was Friday 16th of February 2018 and time to gather together to the Nomad Cellars because Rikhard (in his mind) had found again some superb Riesling producer from Germany. This time from Rheingau, not from Mosel .Below you can find some details of Peter Querbach originally searched by Rikhard. All wines have been produced in stainless steel which

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