Soave! Old times this word has an echo of cheap and poor quality white wine in Finland. That was because some cheapest white wines on sale in Finland were from Soave Veneto. Many things from those years have changed and more and more high quality Soave classicos have flowed to the Finnish markets.When I visited Azienda Agricola Gini in 2016, I noticed after Claudio showed the vineyards, cellars and their vinification process that it really makes a difference if you want be a terroir driven quality producer or just make juice and sell it with massive quantities with low price.Gini obviously belongs to the first category and the quality! That is amazing.

Some History:

Family has cultivated vineyards in Monteforte since 1600. This makes them one of the oldest wine producers in the Soave Classico zone.

Gini research has unearthed a deed of sale from the Kingdom of Lombardy – Venetia, dated 1852 which verifies the purchase of a vineyard by Giuseppe Gini, in Contrada Salvarenza where the Gini family was already proprietor of neighbouring vineyards.The expertise has been passed down through the centuries, from generation to generation, to the current winemakers’ father Olinto, master winemaker, who handed down his skills and passion for this profession directly to them. Thus labour has become, over time as their tradition.To express a territory’s potential is no easy task. The incessant research, the will to disclose the secrets and the most concealed undertones of their land is the spirit and the essence that drives each day.Tradition and innovation combine together to create high-quality wines.Gini’s first vinification without sulphites, in 1985, was revolutionary. It changed the course of oenology, lifting the expressive purity of the wines.The wines may thus divulge to you, in time, a territory and a story that is also Gini’s history.

Gini’s vineyards are situated on the best hillside locations with good exposure to the sun. They extend to approximately 50 hectares between Monteforte, within the Soave Classico DOC appellation, and Campiano, within the Valpolicella DOC appellation.

They have always placed the most attention in taking care of vineyards and wines in an entirely natural manner and this is the reason why, over the years, they have chosen not to uproot any of their vineyards and presently benefit from an exclusive wine heritage.The farming is certified organic.

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